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frontcoverThe guide book is currently only available from this website, using this on-line shop.

If you book the walk as a holiday from Brigantes then you will receive one copy of the guide book free with your booking. You may purchase additional copies from this page.

The guide book contains 154 pages, in a paperback format. It is approx 7 inches tall (17cm) and 4.5 inches wide (11cm); making it small enough to fit into a coat pocket or the side pocket of your trousers.

If you wish to preserve your book and avoid exposing it to the vagaries of the English weather, you can purchase an additional, electronic version of the route description at a reduced cost. This will allow you to access the text on your home computer and print a copy of the route description to take with you on the walk.

In order to cover the cost of postage to Europe and beyond, there are different buttons for buyers in those regions. The book is identical, in English, just with additional postage.


PayPal is my preferred method of payment. Paypal guarantees both ends of the transaction. Use the options below to select the version of the guide book you want and then click “Buy Now”. Using PayPal is very easy, but you can click here for help on using PayPal.

Buying the Guide Book

In order to buy the guide book, just click one of the buttons below, it will add the item and the appropriate postage into your shopping basket.

Guide Book for UK customers (inc. Postage) £10
Guide Book for European customers (inc. Postage) £15
Guide Book for Rest of the World customers (inc. Postage) £17
PDF version of the Guide Book £6

Upon receipt of your payment I will send you the guide book and as soon as the book has been posted I will send you a confirmation email. Please allow 5 working days for books to be dispatched – although most books go out the same day.

Please note: For security reasons I will only ship to the address provided in your PayPal payment details.


I’m happy to accept a cheque on a UK bank account. I’m also happy to send the book before the cheque clears.

Send me an email if you want to pay by cheque and I’ll reply with the details; i.e. my name and address, which for obvious reasons I won’t post on here. Send your email to:

Please remember to write your postal and email addresses on the back of the cheque before you post it.


Probably uniquely on the Internet I’m also happy to accept cash.

That is I’m happy if you are. Remember that a very small percentage of Royal Mail letters get lost every day. The chances of yours going astray are very small indeed. However, if you wish to send me £12.00 (£10.00 plus £2.00 P&P) in an envelope, please take these precautions…

Firstly, fold the cash into a piece of paper, as if you were sending a letter. Make sure you write your postal and email addresses on the piece of paper. Sellotape the £2 onto another piece of paper so it doesn’t roll around inside the envelope.

Secondly, send the letter from a post office counter and ask for a proof of postage receipt. This will cost you nothing, it just proves you sent the letter and the time, date and post office you sent it from. If the letter gets lost in transit we will both know and you can claim on the Royal Mail website for the loss of contents.

Send me an email if you want to pay by cash and I’ll reply with the details; i.e. my name and address, which for obvious reasons I will not post on here. Send your email to: